The first week of Streetglams is over, so it was time to have my first weekly retrospective. Gather the lessons from early success and failure to test new ideas, and constantly improve — this is part of the Agile mindset, which I am a big fan of, by the way.

So what did I learn so far?

  1. facebook is the network that is giving me most traction at the moment. People easily like content. Not so much through my page, though, but through user timelines. That was expected and acceptable. Go viral!
  2. While people are engaging with the content, they are not really doing it through the love button on the post page. I must increase its visibility.
  3. People like my photographic street style. That is encouraging! I am getting positive feedback, and a few ladies noticed my work and now want a photoshoot. Yay!


Other food for thoughts:

  1. Some people would like comments enabled on the website. While I think it’s a good idea to interact with your audience, I also think that at the moment, that can happen on facebook, Google+, twitter, tumblr, Linkedin, Pose… And quite frankly, I don’t see people rushing in to comment. Zip. Nada. It seems to me that this is an era of single button pressing: press to like, press to share. Typing?? That’s too many keys to press! Note that I am ready to be convinced otherwise. I would love to be wrong on this one.
  2. To cross post or not to cross post? In other words, should one share the same content on all networks in the hopes to be equally noticed everywhere? Or (my preferred approach) should one share one type of content on one network, another type on another, yet another type… etc? The first scenario equals to spamming the net to increase visibility. It probably works, but there is little point of following someone everywhere, as you are bound to get the same news over and over again. The second scenario equals to keep photos in one site, blog on another, shout on another… The downside is that all your assets are not noticed simultaneously, but on the up side, the user may follow you everywhere according to degree of interest. While I am being advised to use method 1, I am still ethically tied to method 2.

That’s it for now. I am opening comments on this one post to let you all voice your opinion. Now is your turn to flood the tumblr server with your wonderful prose.


Day 3: slow traction, but some traction

Streetglams has been up for 3 days now. While the visits are coming in slowly, I am mostly amazed by the kind affection people have been giving me: facebook announcements, twitter shouts, personal congratulations…

Colleagues at my consultancy job have been paying attention, too. A trendy graphic designer is now sharing fashion links with me, while our glamorous vintage style secretary will pose for me soon! It’s as if people started discovering I have a life beyond digital marketing, and it feels good. More human, more approachable. I really like that.


Day 2

The launch passed successfully, save some minor database connections glitches that Media Temple is looking into.

Did you check today’s picture? I am currently testing which format I prefer most. Whether a collage of sorts, namely a long shot portrait with accessories, or a simple full shot. I think the answer to this early riddle depends on how comfortable the person will feel, as well as how much time she can give me — 10 secs or 30 mins.

Tomorrow, I will be posting another long shot from around the same area. Stay tuned.